Barrie Dolnick

Romantic love is magic, and a little magic can help you find it.
Harness the power of the universe to manifest your dreams.
Create a safe, secure and supportive environment for you and your family.
Increase your influence and accomplishments by enhancing your intuition and charisma.
Learn how to enhance your allure and sensual experience with subtle techniques from ancient sources.
Emotional Intimacy
How to put what's in your heart on paper.

My Story

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, a very grounding and matter-of-fact place to live. I am a proud Cheesehead.

More city than country girl, I opted for a career in advertising and enjoyed the moment when luck, opportunity and courage converged to give me my start. I worked in London and New York City for big agencies on big accounts.

Advertising can take a toll on the soul, and a few years of meditation classes unearthed some insight I thought might work well in books. Happily, some very dear editors agreed and allowed me to write. I like to laugh - so the books aren't too serious.

I married a scientist (really) and eventually we moved to New Haven, Connecticut and now Oxford, England. I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

I am also lucky that I can still consult in marketing and advertising while pursing new writing ventures.

A Gemini, I like to have the last word.

So here it is: Thanks.

Barrie Dolnick