Barrie Dolnick

Romantic love is magic, and a little magic can help you find it.
Harness the power of the universe to manifest your dreams.
Create a safe, secure and supportive environment for you and your family.
Increase your influence and accomplishments by enhancing your intuition and charisma.
Learn how to enhance your allure and sensual experience with subtle techniques from ancient sources.
Emotional Intimacy
How to put what's in your heart on paper.

Simple Spells for Success

Everyday there are many ways to increase prosperity and abundance in your life. At first you may think it's just a matter of picking the right lottery numbers or getting that sweepstakes entry in on time. After you read this book you'll be better versed in more hands on, gratifying ways of making your life more abundant.

Don't be squeamish; you won't have to promise your first born, or give up your personal indulgences. Sometimes getting what you want does require you to make room for it , so you may have to give up the old job to get the better one. With these spells, you'll end up with much more than you started out with. While abundance is both a spiritual and material state, it is not a Faustian process. You don't have to give up your goodness or your soul to live in the flow of prosperity.

With the right intention and a little magic, you can create abundance and pleasure in every part of your life.

Spells are all around you, if you take time to notice them. Preparing for a meeting, you may wear symbols of power or prestige, you may choose a time of day that works in your favor, some people wear a special fragrance or their lucky socks, even "power suits".

My mother used to boil cinnamon to make our house seem more welcoming; she unconsciously was casting an atmosphere of energy and warmth. You, too, are constantly casting spells unconsciously. When you really put awareness behind it, you can make success much more likely.

Success is a relative term, measured and defined differently for everyone. For one person, success can mean making a million dollars, while for another, success is just making ends meet in a crunch. Success is the meeting of a goal, in whatever form it takes. Generally, we are a goal-oriented culture, constantly setting ourselves up to achieve: start a new project, get that promotion, find the right people to work with, the list goes on indefinitely. This book is about using your own power in conjunction with the power of the universe to manifest those goals, whatever they may be.

What is a Spell?

My personal definition of a spell is
an organized wish that carries with it energy to manifest in reality.

It's no good just wishing you had a better job and more money - we wish for things everyday and sometimes they come true, sometimes not. When you cast a spell, you are making your wish more like a round trip request. You send it out to the universe with the power to come back to you, the energy to make it come true.

There is only one success - to spend your life in your own way.
-Christopher Morley