Barrie Dolnick 2019 photo by Julia Condon

Barrie Dolnick 2019 photo by Julia Condon


I began my career at the London offices of Grey Advertising and Lintas London working as a junior account executive. I moved to New York and moved through the ranks, managing products and categories from major national brands such as Cover Girl Makeup, Campbells Soup, Ralston Purina, and many more. I left advertising with excellent managerial skills- gained from my own mistakes as well as studying both great and terrible managers in all of my jobs.


I left advertising on my own initiative so that I could pursue a dual career track, one as a marketing consultant, and separately, an author of self-help books you can find in Unofficial Reality. After more than a dozen years on New York and a few in New Haven, CT, I moved with my family to Oxford, England, where I established Clear Cut Communications.

Clear Cut Communications

I take great pleasure working with experts, academics and highly technical people who are interested in reaching a general audience. Because I am married to an academic, I have been educated in the specific needs and limitations that surround leading intellectuals, innovators and theorists. I help them take their work to non-experts and general audiences. While TED talks have established one popular template to reach wider audiences, there are many situations that require different approaches.. I work with professional crews to make succinct short films, engage in clear, strong pubic debates, and teach skills required to shape concise, user friendly messages in any lecture format. Clear Cut Communications is “official reality” grounded in over three decades of experience.

I have high end experience but offer services within competitive pricing.