Death and its meaning


Death is an end - beginning - end- beginning - end - beginning - end and so on

Death is inevitable. We keep being surprised by it but it’s going to happen, and it has happened, all around you, every day.

You get to choose how to understand death. I’m going to tell you what I know, what seems very obvious to me. But you get to choose.

Death ends physical life but not consciousness.

All physical life ends. What we call the Life Cycle explains how all physical life begins, grows, ages, and dies. Nothing escapes the Life Cycle.

But what of consciousness? Where does my “me-ness” go when my body is done? Scientists would say no where. You’re all done - bye now. And death is an end to all.

But scientists also believe in the conservation of energy. Energy can neither be destroyed or created.

Science is full of paradoxes. Enough with the science.

Let’s start with what is life.


According to many religions (not all religious people, however) the soul enters with body with the first breath. You breathe in your soul. When you die, it leaves with your last breath. Makes sense, feels right.

The soul “sits” with the baby during gestation but does not connect with a physical body until birth. If the baby isn’t viable the soul rejoins its source.


What happens when you die?

When you die, your physical energy shuts down. I like to use Chakras as a model of energetic centres. Chakras shut down from the Root and finishing at the Crown, whereupon the soul departs. If you don't use Chakras you just need to know that your energy leaves you from the bottom to the top.

Death itself can be very agreeable. You will feel very light (no body) and wide open. You will not feel pain or any emotion, but possibly love or compassion. You get to stay around for a while - although not every soul can or does stick around - and collect the energy of your love from your friends, family and others. Their hearts hurt when you gather back your energy. We all know that feeling.

Many texts are written about death, the process of leaving the body and what happens after. In a nutshell, once you have finished your earthly shutdown, you go into what I call “Death Rehab” also known as the Sleep. To adjust to the nonphysical realm, you need to rest. You stay away from your old physical life to reacquaint yourself to the other realms, where you fit into the energies that are non-physical. Some of these are familiar souls, some are teachers who “you” may not know. There is no fear here, there is no heaviness. The state of death, which is an energetic state of the soul, is not emotional. The permanent energy of the soul is love.

What happens to bad people?

Everyone dies, everyone goes into the Sleep. Not everyone is allowed to mingle in advancing souls. What we perceive as “bad” is usually a soul that is not working with love. In the worst case, these souls are recycled into a larger source and not permitted to evolve in that form. Many “bad” souls are not allowed to return to this realm. We can’t afford more bad people just now.

Can I visit after I’m dead?

You can usually visit your beloveds to tell them you’re okay, most often in the dream realm. My grandmother used to blow out lightbulbs as well as pop into dreams. We’re all different. You may not be that interested in coming back to say hello, and you don’t have to. It’s not an emotional realm but there is love and compassion, so as a soul, you can support those still on the earthy realm.


Just because you leave your body doesn’t mean you are free of “you.” You will leave behind the physical pain in your body but not the emotional or spiritual pain - not right away. You’ll have to deal with this in your “rehab” and you’ll probably have to deal with it again in another lifetime.

Karma guarantees that no one gets a pass on bad behaviour.