Why are you here?

There are many answers to this question and they are all right.


You are a member of a family that has come together to work out issues. In karmic work, the harder it is to forgive anyone, the more powerful it is to do so.

Joy is the ultimate outcome.


Wherever you work, you are there to work out karmic issues. Power struggles are karmic, and disengaging with compassion and integrity is healing. There is no “winning” in power struggles. There is only the opportunity to understand the part you play and then to get out of the game.


Romantic love is karmic. There is no rule about finding “the one” or “the soulmate” because we evolve at different rates. Romantic karma is playful. Loving is always healing. Parting can create extra karmic difficulty, but more often, once the pain subsides, there is opportunity for great healing.

You can never go wrong if you choose love.

the weak are powerful

People in the world who are here in very difficult circumstances are often the most important. Those who die in plane crashes, terrorist attacks, children who die in poverty or of incurable illness - they are all volunteers to keep us focused on life. There are many karmic volunteers, coming into this life to wake the rest of up. They move back into a spirit form until they undertake a return - or not.

Karma is often a paradox.

Very wealthy people are often unhappy.

People who have little to give are the greatest support to charities.

Power isn’t influence over others, it’s the influence you have to create the life you want.

Happiness has nothing to do with money, happiness is freedom to live the life you want.

Good karma is created when old wounds are healed.

Bad karma is created when you inflict pain without acknowledgement or apology.

Bad karma is turning away from the pain you cause.

We all cause pain, and healing that karma is acknowledging that pain and FORGIVING YOURSELF.