Making your future

draw what you want into your life: Create work, love, success.

I call this technique “spells”- but for my purposes, spells are simply a wish with power, a way connect your energy to all the energy around you, and make what is POSSIBLE into what is PROBABLE.

Gather elements that symbolise life on earth - for that you need air, earth, water and fire. It helps if these symbols emphasis the subject of your spell. Doing a spell for love you’d want to use red or pink roses, healing is a white flower, success and opportunity tend to be yellow and orange. The fire is a candle, the air are your words - you have to do spells out loud. And the water is either in the vase with your flowers or you can use a cup and sip something afterward.

The elements of the spell make it much more powerful, and your words call in energies that can bring you what you desire. HOWEVER always say '“For the Greater Good” in your spells, so that you don’t interfere with free will or leave an opening for negativity.

Spells work for big and small - a group spell is powerful. Imagine “international heal the earth day” with a spell done worldwide. Or “Reconnect compassion” day with a spell to open the hearts of those who are angry and fearful.

Lots of options here!

This isn’t Wicca and I’m not a Wiccan. I use spells as rituals to align official reality with Unofficial Reality.