Prediction isn’t Certainty. Possible isn’t Probable.

Oracles are guides. They give you a look into unconscious forces - not sure what those force are, tbh. I know they work, and while readings are usually right (high rate of “aha!” afterward), they are usually not what you think they are. Your mind will make up a story about the what the cards are saying. That story will be wrong but the cards will be right. They are almost a sleight of hand but it’s not cheating you, it’s opening you up.

Oracles help you understand the layers of Unofficial Reality you experience along with your daily life. They can provide insight into the Why? and What? questions, but rarely “When?” and “How?”

Oracles work differently for everyone, so find what makes most sense for you. In my experience you can read everything - from tarot cards and planets (outer oracles) to the lines on your hand and the irises of your eyes. Crystal balls, I Ching,



I am not an astrologer but I study the planets and understand astrology as a language. It can be incredibly helpful.

Your astrological chart lays out a scheme of your inborn characteristics as well as some of your karmic lessons. You need to know your time of birth to get an accurate chart, and even if you don’t know it, most astrologers can help you narrow it down to something that makes sense. That’s because your rising sign, the sign that is coming up over the horizon when you’re born, is the most important sign to watch for what’s happening now.

If you know your rising sign, read that in published horoscope columns. It’s much more likely to be accurate about current events.

There is a huge appetite for astrology today, and many excellent, free online resources where you can run your chart - I always end up using

I recommend Robert Hand’s books on Planets, Aspects, and Transits.

There are apps, of course, but you don’t need to pay for insights if you have time to do some online sleuthing.

Why don’t I like astrology? Because you don’t have to. Free will - you can choose what to believe, always.

How do I know if someone is actually a good practitioner? Use your intuition and don’t be bullied. If anyone says you have huge karmic issues and says you have to come back multiple times, walk away. We all have karmic issues and one reading should be enough to help you understand what’s going on in your life.



Like astrology, tarot offers insight into your life and what is likely to happen - but it’s not definitive and it’s never what you think.

Tarot is very popular today. I have read tarot cards for decades - years ago I found a deck that made sense to me and it was very easy for me to read.

You will find that some decks “speak” to you and others don’t. If you go to a tarot reader, don’t worry about the deck they use. Listen to the reading, and if it doesn’t feel right, discard it. There can be off days for readers, and sometimes you don’t really want to know what the cards wills say.

Like all, oracles, tarot cards give you a window into Unofficial Reality.



Runes use glyphs from an early Viking/Germanic alphabet to represent stages of the “soul’s journey.” In my experience they are very useful for insight into “why am I here and having such a tough or weird time? “ That is a question that comes up a lot when you reach a plateau, or another place to evolve. In other words, if you’re in pain, they can be very supportive.


I Ching

Many like this Chinese oracle where two coins are tossed a number of times to establish a pattern which is then interpreted with a book. This oracle usually requires time and patience. It also lends insight into times where you feel you are going against the flow. It is a poetic and helpful oracle, and is sometimes more widely used and respect that those above.