Focused interviews with academics and professionals lead to a collaborative short story about their work - in keeping with their tone and manner. I work with film directors and their professional crews to produce 3-4 minute films suitable for websites, PR materials and news outlets. All films are delivered in quality HD, a professional look that phones can’t deliver. These films are durable archives of achievements as well as tools for job searches and grant applications. They are also affordable. I deliver professional films within your means.

Public Lectures

Most high-achieving professionals and academics are absorbed in their industry’s unique vocabulary. Some of these lexicons are impenetrable to the general audience. I work with individuals to identify ways to make their work user-friendly without losing the very specific aspects of that distinguish their success. To bring the audience into the story, I encourage personality over professional gravity in public lectures. Winning the trust of the speakers is the most important element of this process. Younger speakers are more reluctant to take risks with tone and engagement, while seasoned speakers enjoy finding ways to enliven and energise their delivery. Both benefit from learning how to read the room, allow for “drama” within reasonable terms, and developing stories that connect to different audiences.


In a culture that loves an argument, it is surprisingly challenging to cultivate a debate that addresses real issues in an engaging and practical manner. As evidenced by the political climate, recent argument strategies often jump to emotional appeals, historical materials, and diversionary tactics in order to avoid a difficult issue head-on. I help shape debates to address the core issue and balance beliefs with facts before allowing emotional elements to erode the subject matter. I do, however, encourage humour and humanity to help the audience engage on more strenuous topics. I believe debates are meant to engage and educate before they entertain and enrage. The best debates leave the audience educated on both sides, regardless of who wins.

group dynamics

Conflict avoidance is a highly developed skill here in the UK. In situations where companies and institutions are finding that conflict impedes progress, Group Efforts Partnership helps. I work with Mary Jeanne Tufano, professional Arbitrator, Mediator and US educated attorney, to help individuals and small groups develop skills in how to cope with changes, downturns, expansions and mergers. We reach through a department or segment of an institution to provide tools to individuals. it’s fun at first, self-diagnosing personalities, and then it’s real work, learning how best to interact with others in the organisation. We enhance effectiveness in the face of conflict. Once an individual understands personal communications style, conflicts are reduced. And just fyi, a warrior at home might be a mouse at work, and vice versa.